In the app, it is possible to have your reaction automatically withdrawn when you react to a gig. If you don't like getting matched last minute for a gig, this feature is super convenient. How does this feature work? 

Example: you react to a gig that starts on 01/01/2024 at 10AM, when you react you select the 'Automatic Withdrawal' option and select 3 hours (for example). If you have not received a response from the client by 7AM on 01/01/2024, your reaction will be automatically withdrawn, and you can no longer be picked to work the gig. 

Of course, you do not have to use the “automatically withdraw response” option or wait for it to expire. As long as you have not yet been matched, you can withdraw your response at any time without consequences.

Note! The feature only applies if you have not yet been chosen by a client. Once you’re matched, you will have to deal with the cancellation period that comes with the gig. Here you can read more about cancelling a gig when you’ve already been matched.