It could happen that you or the business wants to cancel a gig. In some cases, this can have consequences. You can read about it below.

1. Before the cancellation period ends You and the business can cancel the gig without any consequences if the cancellation period hasn't ended yet. The business determines a cancellation period for the gig that applies once you have been matched for the gig. If you haven't been accepted yet, you can cancel the gig at any time. The periods they can choose from are stated below:

  • 24 hours

  • 48 hours

  • 72 hours

  • 1 week

  • 2 weeks

You can always find the cancellation period in the gig description. Make sure you check the deadline so you are not faced with surprises. Also, keep in mind that you should cancel a gig on time if you have made other plans. The business can accept your reaction up until the gig starts, which will mean you are expected to show up if chosen.

2. After the cancellation period ends | You and the business can no longer cancel the gig without consequences. If you can no longer work the gig, you need to inform the business immediately and arrange a replacement. If the business cancels the gig after the cancellation period has ended, but before the gig has started, you can either accept a replacement gig or you are entitled to claim 50% of the working hours. If you have already started working at a gig and the client decides to send you home before you have completed the whole shift, you are entitled to claim 100% of the hours. You must ensure that you receive confirmation, in writing, that the client has sent you home. You can submit these claims through the app once the gig has officially ended. 

The consequences when you don't show up or find a replacement:

1st time = Official warning

2nd time = Cannot react to new gigs for 2 weeks

3rd time = Cannot react to new gigs for 1 month

4th time = Cannot react to new gigs for 3 months

*This is all considered within a 6-month window*

Please note! During temporary blocks, you can only not react to new gigs. Be sure to complete all the gigs you are matched to during your blocked period otherwise, you will receive another ban. 

Your profile will also show how many gigs you have been matched to, how many you have sent a replacement for and how many you have not shown up or found a replacement for. These insights will give the client trust that you will take care of your responsibilities. 

So make sure you cancel your gigs in time or arrange a replacement so you don't miss out on any gigs!  

TIP! Avoid being matched last minute by setting a time limit to withdraw your reaction before a gig starts automatically. You can set the time limit when you react to a gig.

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