It can, of course, occasionally happen that you fall ill just before a gig or, for some other reason, you can't make it. As a freelancer, your initial obligation is to arrange for a replacement. Read more about arranging a replacement here. 

Have you arranged a replacement correctly? In that case, the gig will still be considered as completed. The number of uncompleted gigs is visible on your profile, which can decrease your chances of being chosen for future gigs. Clients see your attendance figures when you react to gigs, so make sure to keep those numbers as high as possible.

If you can't find a replacement and can't make it to the gig yourself, then cancel the gig in the app, so the client knows you won't be able to make it after all - this also opens up the gig for other freelancers to react. If you are too late to cancel the gig, indicate in the hours worked that you didn't work. The client can also indicate this. Please note, you will receive an uncompleted gig notification in this case.

**What are the consequences of an uncompleted gig notification?**

If you have an uncompleted gig, please take into account the following consequences;

1st time = Official warning

2nd time = Cannot react to new gigs for 2 weeks

3rd time = Cannot react to new gigs for 1 month

4th time = Cannot react to new gigs for 3 months

Please note! During temporary blocks, you can only not react to new gigs. Be sure to complete all the gigs you are matched to during your blocked period, otherwise you will receive another ban. 

You can read more about the cancellation terms here.

TIP! Avoid being matched last minute by setting a time limit to withdraw your reaction before a gig starts automatically. You can set the time limit when you react to a gig.

You can join our Discord community to get in touch with other freelancers to take over your gig. You can join via the community button in your profile on the app.