How does the ID-check work? After your registration, you will receive an email and an SMS to complete the ID check. There are two ways to do it, and it's important that you choose the one that applies to you:

1. With a UK / Irish passport

2. With a foreign passport or foreign ID card

If you wish to complete the ID-check with a foreign identity, please email us your share code. To request a share code please do this here

Here are some tips to successfully complete the check without any issues:

  • Ensure that your ID is still valid
  • Avoid taking photos of a printed photo or a screen
  • Make sure the photo is clear, and nothing is hidden or blurry
  • Complete the ID check on time; the link is valid for seven days

Once you have successfully completed the ID-check, your account will be automatically verified, and you can start reacting to gigs right away!