We are sorry to hear that your invoice has not yet been paid! Answer the following questions to see when you can expect your payment or what you can do in such a situation.


1. Have you submitted your hours in the app?

2. Has the business approved your hours?

When you can answer the above questions with yes, please check which payment option you have chosen and when you can expect your payment: 

Early payment If you have opted for early payment, we will advance the payment and ensure that you are paid within three working days after the business has approved your hours. Isn't this the case? Please contact us and include the invoice number in the email. 


Waiting for the business to pay In case the payment period has expired, it is your own responsibility to contact the business. Don't worry, we also help you by sending reminders to the business to make sure your invoice will be paid. In case the business indicates to have paid the invoice already, please allow three working days for us to transfer the money to your account. If after that you still did not receive the money, please contact us and include the invoice number and confirmation of the business in the email.