You can arrange a replacement in the YoungOnes app by clicking 'Arrange a replacement through YoungOnes'. This will post the gig back into the app for your fellow freelancers to react to. Once they've reacted, you will need to go through and select who you would like to be your replacement. You will be able to see the average rating of that freelancer along with their attendance percentage to help you with this decision. 

Alternatively, you can use our Discord communities to look for a replacement amongst other freelancers that are active on the platform. You can access the communities by clicking on 'Join the Community' in the profile section of your app. Once you have found a suitable replacement, you always need to inform the client! When the client approves, you can enter the email of your replacement in the gig on the app.  Your replacement will receive an email and a push notification in the app, containing the invitation to accept (or decline) the gig via the YoungOnes app. This message will remain visible on their screen until they have reacted to it. If your replacement has accepted the gig, you will receive a confirmation and the gig will be archived on your profile and transferred to your replacement's profile.

If the app doesn’t accept a replacement, it means the replacement is not eligible for the gig, and you need to find a different freelancer. This could happen when your replacement is already matched to another gig on that same day, or if the client has blocked the freelancer.

Please note that you cannot send a replacement along who is not a verified YoungOnes freelancer, this is because the gig needs to transfer over to their profile, and they need to be covered by our insurance partner, Onsi.