With YoungOnes there is no need for an interview, but there are a few other things that are required: 

A complete profile Your profile is like your resumé for businesses, so make sure it is complete and professional. Provide a good photo and information about your work experience. Remember to mention every bit of work experience that might be useful for businesses to know. These are our tips! 

Complete the introductory courseBefore you can react to gigs in the app, you will go through a 15-minute introductory course. The introductory course will discuss all the ins and outs of becoming a freelancer and how our platform works. You will then go through a quick assessment, and if you pass, we will request an ID check to get verified! 

A valid ID | After you've successfully completed the introductory course, we will request an ID check to verify your identity and check your Right To Work in the UK. For this, you will need a valid ID. Here you can read which documents are accepted. 

Reliability It is very important that the business can count on you. If you are matched to a gig, the business also expects that you will be present on the day. If you are unable to work, please contact the business directly. They may ask you to arrange a replacement. How to arrange a replacement is explained in this article

A UTR number | When you start working as a freelancer, you need a UTR number. It is a unique number that you receive when you register for Self Assessment, and you need it to file your tax returns. You can get started and work 5 gigs through YoungOnes before you need to add a UTR number to your profile — this is so you can see if freelancing is for you! Here you can read how to register for a UTR number. 

Join our Discord community to ask for advice and tips directly from the successful freelancers of YoungOnes.