As a freelancer, you are normally responsible for taking care of your own insurance. The three most common types of insurance for self-employed individuals are: business liability insurance, accident insurance and disability insurance.

However, at YoungOnes we believe that all workers should be protected against accidents or the event of damage/injury to third-party property. In fact, when you work a gig via YoungOnes you are insured, free of charge, for time off work, public liability and well-being.

As of February 1, 2022, we are officially affiliated with Onsi. This means that as soon as you have been verified on the platform, you are automatically included in the Onsi insurance group. Check the table of content below for an overview of the insurance coverage provided when working via YoungOnes:

How to submit an insurance claim?

If you want to submit a claim or view the insurance terms and conditions, you need to create an account with Onsi. Do you have questions about Onsi insurance? Check all information on their website or send an email to

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