Yay! You want to start working as a freelancer; that’s great! But how do you become one?

To start working as a freelancer you need to register for Self Assessment through HMRC to receive a UTR number. In this article, we have explained everything you need to know to register. 

It is also important to know your responsibilities as a freelancer. Whilst you have a lot of freedom and flexibility, you are your own boss, so there is no employer who takes responsibility for you. This means you manage your own administration and you need to file your tax returns. In this article, you can read how the tax return works. We have also prepared an article which lists all the important things to know as a freelancer. 

Not sure yet if you want to become a freelancer? You can try out the first five gigs without a UTR number. The YoungOnes app gives you an overview of all the gigs available in your area. 

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