Unlike recruitment agencies, the YoungOnes platform allows freelancers and businesses to connect individually without the need for mediation. Our team supports as a facilitator and mediates only when necessary. 

We think that's great because; 

Fewer contractual obligations | Normally you would need to draft an employment contract, whereas we work with tri-party agreements. As soon as a business matches a freelancer to a gig, a tri-party agreement is automatically generated. This means you no longer have to consider contractual negotiations.

No intermediary Employment agencies act as an intermediary between businesses and potential staff. With YoungOnes you are in charge, connecting you directly to gigs posted by the business. In the app, you will find all the information you need to react to your perfect gig. View businesses’ profiles, read reviews and gig descriptions or just try something new. Have you found the perfect gig? Then you can react to it with the push of a button. As soon as you are matched to the gig, all communication flows directly between you and the business. This can be done by telephone or by email — it’s up to you!

One platform | You control everything from one place, the YoungOnes app. Via your profile, you have direct access to all gigs, including those to which you have reacted already and are awaiting to get matched to. Additionally, you have all the business's information you may need at your disposal and you can contact them directly.