YoungOnes is an online platform that offers you the possibility of becoming a freelancer. As a freelancer via YoungOnes, you are in control. You get to choose where, when, for which businesses and for what hourly rate you want to work.

Getting matched to gigs

The YoungOnes platform brings supply and demand together in one place. In our app, you will find different types of gigs within different industries. Businesses publish their gigs on our platform, and you can react to the ones that interest you via our app. You will receive a notification once you have been matched to a gig! 

Cancelling the gig

If you can no longer work after being matched, you can cancel the gig without consequences before the cancellation period ends. If the cancellation period has ended, you will need to find a replacement. If you do not show up to a gig or find a replacement, this will be reflected in your attendance rate. When you react to gigs, this will be reflected on your profile. A low number negatively affects your chances of getting matched to gigs, so make sure you cancel in time or find a replacement. You can read more about the cancellation policy and finding replacements here

Getting paid

As soon as you have completed the gig, you can submit the hours you have worked in the app. Once the hours are approved by the business, YoungOnes will take care of the invoicing process. You can choose from two methods of payment:

1. Early payment: wait three business days in exchange for 2.9% of your invoice

2. Wait for the client to pay: wait until the client has paid YoungOnes for that to be reimbursed to you

You can read more about the payment options here


Once the gig is completed, you and the business will rate and review each other. The higher your rating, the higher the chance to be selected for future gigs!